Check out our new “Technik” How to Tile Manual!

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Is this your first time setting tile? Don’t worry, our “Technik” How To Tile Manual takes our almost 60 consecutive years of experience in the tile industry and packages it into a neat and sweet 6 page guide which is easy to follow.

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Download manual here

Finding good advice on setting tile can be difficult, varying greatly depending on who you ask. Many of the advice floating around is heavily based on old “wives tales” versus solid, technical information. At übertile® we took it upon ourselves to provide our customers with this useful, yet technically correct tile manual, to help get you started off on the right foot.

The manual explores topics like:

-Laying out a grid

-Mixing thinset mortar


-Cutting tile

-FAQ guide

-Common tiling terms

In addition to the “technik” manual, searching our website, you will find all of the featured products have displayed important information in regards to their proper use, application and cautions. Even better, some feature separate installation videos or manuals to help you complete your project in a professional manner.

All the best on your future installation!

Thanks for choosing übertile® products.

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